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Here at Greyld Rhodesian Ridgebacks, we specialize in raising AKC Rhodesian Ridgebacks.  We focus in both beauty and brains.  Due to this committment, we stand behind their temperaments.  Our past puppies have grown up to be accomplished obedience dogs, family members and workout partners.  Our first priority goes to making sure the puppies go to pet homes first.  Special arrangements can be made for show homes.

My husband and I operate a cow/calf farm in Oklahoma  We both grew up in agriculture and have had dogs all our lives.  It is crucial to have a good working dog who is social enough to be around other people and children and tough enough to take on a predator like a coyote.  I received my first Rhodesian Ridgeback at 15 years old.  A local farmer gave him to me so I could have a protective dog to take with me to rodeos.  He was such an amazing dog, I have had a ridgeback ever since.



Our Current Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies are going to be large and are priced as pets only with Limited AKC registration.  Full AKC registration is available -shipping is included in their price.  Deduct $350 to pick up or meet.

If you are looking for a constant companion you are at the right place.  Ridgebacks are loyal and devoted with an elegant but strong look.

Ours tend towards the larger size while still in proportion.  Their size is well suited to their use here on the farm.

Our dogs are treated as part of the family and raised with the utmost love and care.  The puppies are handled continually during the day.  They are also kept with their mother until 7 weeks and never go to their new home before 8 wks to ensure proper socialization and a confident dog.  It is for this reason that our main goal is to place them with loving, permanent homes.

In order to obtain this goal, it is essential that we know what the potential owners expect in their new family member.  Personalities, expected size, activity level are all different characteristics possessed by these pups.  They can be as different as night & day.  Sometimes, of course, any of the puppies would fit in a certain home.  We take special care to match up the puppy with the family. 

All of our puppies have a 2 wk guarantee against contagious illness as well as a 1 year genetic defect guarantee.

The puppy arrives with registration, health guarantee, vet certificate,, up-to-date vaccinations, and pre-spoiled.  
In the event that you cannot continue with the commitment to one of our dogs, I reserve the first opportunity to home the dog with me.

E-mail is a great way to start communication, but phone calls are welcome as well.  References are available.

Please feel free to drop me a line with any and all questions or just to talk about this wonderful breed.

918- 647-6852

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